Who We Are

Founded by Riccardo Errani in 1989, the Errani Team Faenza was soon able to carve out an important place for itself on the international and national rally scene. Linked in an almost inseparable way to the Lancia brand, with Errani as the standard-bearer for all evolutions of the Delta, the team from Faenza was the first protagonist in Europe at the beginning of the 1990s thanks to the prestigious Mitropa Cup rally races of Riccardo Errani, twice vice European champion among private drivers.

In the mid-1990s, the Errani Team with no less than four Lancia Delta Evo III cars reached the pinnacle of its national prestige, with several successes in the Coppa Italia for Errani and with the arrival of several outstanding drivers in the ranks of the Romagna team.

In 1996, Errani, without abandoning the Lancia brand, began a partnership with the Jolly Club of Milan, from which two Ford Escort Cw cars arrived within the team, allowing the Errani Team drivers, in those years more and more numerous, to assert themselves in the various championships attended; the team from Faenza brought its cars to be protagonists in the World Championship, the Italian Championship and the various rounds of the Italian Cup.

Enriched then by the arrival of two cars: a Subaru Impreza and a Mitsubishi Evo VI, the Errani Team’s car fleet completes a decade of success and great prestige in the world of racing, thanks to the technical and commercial strategies of Riccarco Errani, surrounded by a first-class staff.

The advent of the WRC cars, not followed at the technical level by the team, led the Errani Team to modify certain strategies, to the point of reintroducing Riccardo Errani himself, still on the cutting edge, in a new stimulating and evocative competitive adventure, with the World Rally Championship attended on a continuous basis.

Today, the Errani Team boasts among its crews that of Riccardo Errani and Stefano Casadio, who in the last three years have taken part in some twenty world championship rounds, the only Italians so present in the World Rally Championship.